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Достижения по продолжительности жизни женщин

"Для женщин мы достигли самого высокого показателя за всю историю нашей страны, и советскую, и постсоветскую - 76,5 лет. У мужчин ниже, но движение в лучшую сторону идет более быстрыми темпами, чем раньше", - сказала Скворцова, выступая на третьем съезде Национальной медицинской палаты. Она сообщила, что средняя продолжительность жизни за 2013 год увеличилась до 70,8 лет. По ее словам, это "достаточно быстрое развитие", достигнут целевой показатель за прошлый год.

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CharlieTut 26 мая 2017 00:35
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Stevenglisa Вчера, 15:48
At all times the potency of men played a very important role. Today, it is, as before, is one of the main factors happy and lasting relationship. However, with age, the potency becomes much weaker, and representatives of a strong half of mankind are wondering "How to increase it?" However, a clear answer to this question is no.

It should be noted that to maintain the potency can be in an independent manner. Often it is enough to lead a regular sex life, which affects not only the quantity but also the quality of sexual acts. Besides, the man needs to lead an active lifestyle, exercise, eat a minimal amount of alcohol. Addiction to alcohol and nicotine, usually starts from an early age and, apparently, does not affect the power of potency. Years pass and the man begins to realize that he was in this sense wrong, and from bad habits is not so easy to get rid of.
It is very important to eat right in order to save the "virility". Every day, the body needs to obtain certain substances, vitamins and minerals. On potency have a huge impact walnuts, garlic, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, milk, crab, eggs, brown rice, raisins, mushrooms, lamb, beef, there are foods rich in phosphorus. Also the body needs zinc contained in oysters. It is a pleasure not everyone can afford, so you can take zinc in pill form. Not do without vitamin E. It in sufficient quantity is in soybeans, cereals, nuts, bread made from bran and whole grains.

The problem of excess weight can also adversely affect male potency, therefore, for overweight vomiting. Stress and tension also make the potency weaker, so every man should have regular sleep at least 8 hours and rest, both physical and emotional. Remember: healthy sleep ? the key to potency.

There are times when all of the above methods to increase the potency, do not bring any result. In this case, it is impossible to leave things as they are. Leaving all hesitation and complexes, it is necessary to consult a specialist. It will not only help to establish the cause of ailments, but tell you what treatment male potency will be optimal.
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